Free School & Camp Guide

The Free Informative School & Camp Guide provides important information on Top Recommended Schools & Camps for Struggling Teens.


  The Parenting Videos provided in this online parenting course are a tremendous resource for any parent. Whether your are looking to improve communication, change behavior, build relationships or just establish some better boundaries and expectations these videos will be a great asset.

  The videos are easily accessible via the internet and can be viewed at your convenience whenever you would like to brush up on some critical parenting skills and techniques.   This Parenting Course features Supplemental Workbooks that will help you implement a practical application of the parenting skills and techniques covered in the Parenting Videos.

  - Parenting Videos
  - Comprehension Quizes
  - Introspection Worksheets


This programs shows parents how to motivate their Teens using incentives readily available in any home. The Incentive Program can help foster teen cooperation, better relationships, improved grades, and teen compliance to basic home rules, and standards. Also included is computer software that helps implement and automatically track the incentive program.

The software really enhances a Teen's overall progress by keeping track of incentives earned and scoring their progress. The software allows you to customize the settings and incentives for your Teen's particular needs and situation. Again, we not only give you the information you need but we are providing you with tools to help implement the methods needed to motivate your Teen.


The Home Contract tool will show you how to Renegotiate with your child and then how to Enforce it. The most effective way to enforce any negotiation is through a written contract. This is the method that has been used by businesses, persons, and individuals for hundreds of years. So with the help of this website, we will show you how to quickly and easily develop a personalized "Contract" with your child and then how to motivate your child and hold them accountable to the contract.

We will walk you through how to do this by following a 3 step process that has been outlined in a special presentation.


Teen Assessment

  Through Online Tests and Questionnaire filled out by parents this Comprehensive Assessment alerts Parents to any emotional, psychological,learning, or behavioral disorders that may be negatively affecting their Teen!
Difficult Teens - Suggestions for Parents

  This booklet contains a collection of very important suggestions for parents who are beginning to notice that their teen is headed i n the wrong direction. This booklet also contains a questionnaire that can help you assess the current state of your teen.
Teen Drug Use - 34 Warning Signs

  This is a booklet that lists 34 Warning Signs that alert you that your teen may be using dangerous and illegal drugs. While some sig ns are obvious, others are not and it's very important to be aware of these signs as early as possible.
How To Motivate Your Teen!

  Most struggling teens don't lack the abilit y to obey parents or follow house rules. They just aren't motivated to do so! This Video shows parents how to change that!!!